Victorsaurus (victorsaurus5) wrote,

Pachirisu Collection

Here's the collection of my favorite PKMN "Pachirisu" i'm not the type that collects lots of items of the same PKMN, so that is why my collection is small plus I like getting a few stuff of each PKMN or what I like/can afford. I plan on next year getting a few other Pachi items like some kids figures, the talking plush, all the English TCG and some stickers.

If anyone has the Talking Pachirisu plush from Jakks Pacific that still works for sale let me know (PM) for how much so I can keep the info as reference if I decide to buy it someday.

Victorsaurus Pachirisu1 photo LJVictorsaurusPachirisu1_zps72b6b61d.jpg
2 Jakks Pacific, 1 Takara Tomy, 1 Burker King, 1 US Pokedoll and 1 Jakks Pacific pencil.

Victorsaurus Pachirisu2 photo LJVictorsaurusPachirisu2_zps2a6bda63.jpg
The small flat is a sticker that comes with a 3 figure set (Pachi, Lucario and Geodude) from Jakks.
Hope you like my tiny Pachirisu collection.
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