Want List

My Pokemon Want List:

Talk Pachi Plush photo 1_zps847b1241.jpg
Talking Pachirisu Plush (kind of life size) by Jakks Pacific.

Elesa Emolga TCG Sleeves photo 2_zps175c554f.jpg
TCG Card Sleeves (Elesa/Kamitsure with Emolga) 1 pack brings 32 sleeves, I want 2 packs.

Pachirisu Eng TCG Cards photo 5_zps2124074e.jpg
PAchirisu Eng Card photo 6_zps83912bf4.jpg
English Pachirisu TCG Cards.

PKMN Adventures Box1 photo 3_zps61987d25.jpg
PKMN Adventures Manga Box Set 1 by Viz.

PKMN Adventures Box2 photo 4_zpsc945f176.jpg
PKMN Adventures Manga Box Set 2 by Viz.

 photo Emolga_zps4e30daf1.jpg
Talking Emolga Plush (kind of life size) by Takara Tomy.

Pachirisu non clear Kids figures

Emolga non clear Kids figures

Emolga Pokedoll

Emolga Happy Meal figures

Emolga Full Art English TCG card

Random non plush Items with: Pachirisu, Emolga, Tyranitar, Reuniclus, Victini, Mew, Celebi, Charmander.

Wish List with other stuff like anime, Sonic, MLP:FiM, Sailor Moon and other stuff:

The Start of My Journey on LJ

I want to join a club here in LJ, but they requiere atleast one post entry, so here it is. I have a blog that focuses on a Sanrio character called Cinnamoroll, so if I do more post here, them it might be about Pokemon, Sailor Moon, MLP:FiM and a few other stuff. 
For some reason I can't add a profile pic on my laptop, but i'll put one when I get a chance to use a friends laptop.
Here's a picture of my favorite Pokemon "Pachirisu" (the blue one) next to another one that I like "Emolga".
Pachirisu and Emolga
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